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Lumia: Track Blood Flow to Your Head | Initiation

Lumia: Track Blood Flow to Your Head | Initiation

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Begin optimizing blood flow to your head with the Lumia in-ear wearable device.

Lumia is the only wearable technology in the world capable of tracking drops in blood flow to your head.

Lumia is also the world's smallest wearable, designed for POTS, OH, Vasovagal Syncope and other forms of Dysautonomia, as well as Long Covid and ME/CFS.

Made for the left ear, Lumia can be worn day and night. It tracks the blood flow through your External Carotid Artery, helping you self-manage symptoms of Orthostatic Intolerance like fatigue, headaches, lightheadedness, syncope, and more.

Your $379 Initiation Kit will include:
  • Lumia In-Ear Wearable Device
  • Virtual Ear Fitting for the Earpiece
  • Lumia Light Station (charging dock with power adapter)
  • Lumia Carrying Case
  • Extra earpiece jackets to optimize signal qualify, comfort, and fit

Lumia requires an additional paid Membership to power the app and data platform. Your device will not function without an active Membership. When you receive your Initiation Kit, you can select and activate your Membership subscription.

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Only Lumia™

Unlike a heart rate monitor watch or smart ring, Lumia™ is the only device that can help you track changes in the blood flow to your head.

Even a neurologist or cardiologist cannot measure postural changes in blood flow to your brain, except in a handful of special labs equipped with both Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound and a Tilt Table for measuring Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF) during Autonomic Function Testing.

  • Tiny Ear Device Tracks Drops in Blood Flow to the Head in POTS

    Lumia™ Earpiece

    Custom fit with a silicone jacket, Lumia™ is exquisitely designed for comfort, precision, and 24/7 wearability. It fits in the left ear and is compatible with most earbuds, hearing devices, or piercings. Weighing less than 1 gram, Lumia™ is the world's smallest wearable technology.

  • Light Station

    Resting softly on your nightstand or desk, this beautiful orb is the home base for your Lumia™ earpiece. The Light Station charges your Lumia™ with invisible, infrared light whenever you place it in the cradle. Your Light Station also serves as the data hub and sync manager for your Lumia™.

  • Carry Case for Lumia Wearable Tracker In-Ear Device for POTS and Fainting

    Carry Case

    While Lumia™ is designed to be worn continually, the elegant pebble gray carry case is an option for safekeeping if you take out your earpiece. The carry case has a lens on the cover to harvest solar light energy and recharge your Lumia™ -- just set it under a desk lamp or in a windowsill.

Is Lumia™ Right For Me?

How soon will I get my Lumia™?

We are soon shipping Lumia™ for our Beta community, and after this our Early Bird and Crowdfunding supporters. As of June 2024 we are "sold out" for 2024 orders, and will be pausing sales while we catch up on manufacturing.

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Can I order this for my child?

Lumia™ is only for use by adults age 18+. Please ensure the intended wearer will be 18 or older by the time of delivery and activation. Our custom fitting as well as our data algorithms are only validated for adults.

Is Lumia™ a treatment of some kind?

Lumia™ tracks drops in blood flow to your head, and helps you understand what reduces your blood flow and what improves it. Combined with symptoms tracking and tagging Moments, over time the Lumia™ program can help you improve quality of life while living with an orthostatic condition like POTS, Syncope, OH or another Dysautonomia, as well as Long Covid or ME/CFS.

LUMIA is not a treatment, and at this time it is not a medical device of any kind. It cannot be used to diagnose or treat any disease. LUMIA is a wellness device meant to assist you in self-managing your symptoms.

What if I am not diagnosed?

Lumia™ is designed to help people self manage their symptoms when they have been diagnosed with a medical condition where science has shown there are drops in Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF) during upright body positions like standing.

If you do not have a diagnosis of a condition associated with brain blood flow drops, we cannot say whether Lumia™ might be as useful for you.

It is true that even individuals without a diagnosis like this may have fluctuations in blood flow to the head, and might be able to optimize their wellness with Lumia™.

For now, however, we would encourage you to seek the answers you need in terms of diagnosing the reason for any symptoms you have, and allow people with a confirmed need for this type of wellness technology to have first access.

To ensure the first waves of Lumia™ units are helping the people who need it most, we may implement pre-screening of purchases during the order process to ensure the best outcomes.

Self Manage Symptoms

The Lumia™ wearable ear device is a wellness tracker designed to help you self-manage your symptoms.

At this time, Lumia™ is not a medical device.

Information from Lumia™ must not be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

Black woman using Lumia iphone app to self-manage symptoms

Lumia™ Membership

Lumia™ requires an additional paid Membership to power the app and data platform.

Your device will not function without an active Membership.

When you receive your Initiation Kit, you can select and activate your Membership subscription.

Membership offers may vary depending on how long a term you subscribe for, so check the available rates once orders re-open.