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Reduced Supine Blood Flow to the Head in ME / CFS with PEM

May 2024

Post-Exertional Malaise in ME

Lumia Health collaborated with Workwell Foundation and found reduced blood flow to the head -- even during supine rest -- in people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) experiencing Post Exertional Malaise (PEM).

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June 2024

Dysautonomia International: Stand Test Data

On June 30, Daniel Ewok Lee, Dr. Amanda Miller, and Shivani Ugrin will share Stand Test Data from research conducted onsite at last year's DysConf 2023, as well as relate how Lumia is used to inform real life symptoms management in POTS & Long Covid.

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Nov 2023

Webcast: Innovations in Dysautonomia Care

Daniel Ewok Lee of Lumia Health (formerly STAT) joined Lauren Stiles, Founder of Dysautonomia International, for a session titled, "Innovations is Dysautonomia Care: Tracking Blood Flow to the Head with An In-Ear Wearable Device."

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Lumia Fp2 Second Generation Blood Flow Wearable Device Tracker


Johns Hopkins: Device Used During Tilt Table Test

We tested the Lumia (formerly STAT) device at Johns Hopkins during Tilt Table Testing, and our ear device was able to pick up blood flow abnormalities much earlier than clinical ECG and a Blood Pressure Cuff. "It detected blood flow drops 2-12 minutes before they actually passed out.“ - Dr Hari Tandri, Cardiologist at Johns Hopkins

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August 2023

SolveME: The Future of Symptom Tracking

Solve M.E. hosted Lumia Health CEO Daniel Lee (formerly STAT) for a conversation about their innovative in-ear wearable device. We discussed how the in-ear wearable tracks blood flow to the head and changes in heart rate when users stand up. The device can help people understand symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, and brain fog.

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