Lumia, the One and Only

No other wearable device on the planet can track blood flow to your head. Lumia™ is the one we've been waiting for. Designed for POTS, syncope, OH and other forms of Dysautonomia, as well as Long Covid and ME/CFS.

Tiny, comfortable, and built for everyday life, the soft earpiece fits in your left ear yet is still compatible with most earbuds, hearing aids, and hearing protection devices.

Checking Lumia Flow Index on iPhone App

Track Blood Flow to Your Head

In certain health conditions, blood flow to the head can drop during upright body positions, causing symptoms like headaches, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog and more.

Lumia™ uses the power of light to help track these changes in blood flow to your head with different body postures, treatments, and lifestyle modifications.

With Lumia, you can go beyond managing your heart rate, and finally track what matters most.

Your Questions, Answered

Who is Lumia™ for?

Lumia™ is designed for adults age 18 or over diagnosed with POTS, syncope, OH or another form of Dysautonomia, as well as ME/CFS and Long Covid.

In these conditions, science has shown that blood flow to the brain drops during standing or other upright body positions.

The Lumia™ program -- consisting of an app and wearable device working together -- is the only one that can shine a light on blood flow changes to your head.

Can Lumia™ track heart rate?

Yes -- and so much more! Lumia™ can track your heart rate, and it also does something that no smart ring or fitness watch can do: track drops in blood flow to your head in people with certain orthostatic or postural conditions.

Technology like this has never existed before. To this day, only a handful of labs in North America, equipped with both Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound and a Tilt Table Lab, can measure drops in blood flow to your head during standing.

Lumia™ is the only wearable device program for tracking head blood flow, and uses the power of light to reveal what is really going on.

Do I need a Lumia™ App Membership?

Yes, the Lumia™ program is both a wearable in-ear device and a companion iPhone application that work together to help people with complex medical conditions self-manage their symptoms.

Membership is required for the Lumia™ program to work. A Lumia™ device will not collect new information without an active Membership. 

If your Membership goes inactive, you will be able to view your historical information, but the device will not collect and process new data.

Is Lumia™ for US residents only?

At this time, the Lumia™ program is launching for residents of the fifty United States.

We would love to expand in the future to serve more people who need Lumia™.

Join our email list for updates on future country launches.

Is Lumia™ a Medical Device?

At this time, Lumia™ is not a medical device, and must not be used to diagnose or treat any condition.

The Lumia™ program is intended for general wellness use to help people with certain diagnoses better self-manage symptoms.

This path is allowing us to bring Lumia™ directly to you now, instead of waiting many years.

We are laying the groundwork for a future where Lumia™ can eventually become an FDA-approved medical device and be included in insurance programs.

Can I use my FSA or HSA for Lumia™?

Yes! Lumia™, formerly known as STAT, has recently been approved as eligible by the IRS board that governs HSA and FSA programs.

At this time we cannot directly accept HSA or FSA cards at checkout.

Please contact your plan administrator to find out what the process is for seeking reimbursement, if the Lumia™ program is eligible under your specific plan's guidelines, and whether you need to fulfill any other requirements.

Do I need an iPhone to use Lumia™?

Yes, you will need an iPhone capable of running iOS16 or later, in order to support Bluetooth 5. At this time, the Lumia™ program is not available for Android devices.

Please keep in mind that a technology like Lumia™ has never been available before -- even your doctor cannot track the blood flow drops to your head in their office, outside of a handful of specialized labs.

Even then, it can only be done in a special setting, with a test that usually costs in the thousands of dollars. Wait lists can be as long as 3 years to access it.

We are bringing an incredible technological advancement directly into the hands (and ears!) of the people who need it most, and the best way to get this working reliably for you is by launching Lumia™ in the tightly streamlined environment Apple enables, where the hardware and software of the devices all speak the same language.

If you do not already have an iPhone, we recommend checking for affordable refurbished iPhones, as excellent compatible models are available starting at just $100.

Is Lumia™ compatible with hearing aids and ear buds?

The Lumia™ in-ear wearable device is worn only in the left ear, and is designed to be compatible with most, but not all, hearing devices and earbuds.

If you require the use of specific left ear devices, and aren't sure based on looking at the photos of our ear device, feel free to contact us with a photo of the device you need to wear it with.

Can Lumia™ be worn with Rook, Daith or Conch ear piercings?

We cannot guarantee that the Lumia™ in ear wearable device will be compatible with the jewelry you might wear in your rook, daith or conch piercings. We understand that many people wear these for health or wellness purposes. 

If keeping your jewelry in is very important to you, it is possible that our device might not be able to get good signal quality or have a comfortable fit that is sustainable for daily wear.

In addition to these considerations, if you wear very heavy earrings that pull your tissue down, or have had piercings, surgeries or other body modifications that have significantly changed the shape of your outer ear, this might increase the chance that we cannot obtain a good fit for your unique anatomy. 

Please consider carefully before ordering and review our returns policy. 

Our device is worn in the left ear only.