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Will the Lumia In-Ear Wearable Device Fit My Ear?

Our designers get pretty excited about ear anatomy! The Lumia device, made to be worn in the left ear, might be the world’s smallest wearable device ever made, yet we expect to fit a very wide variety of ears, both large and small.

All this said, as noted on our website, it is possible that our in-ear wearable device will not fit for a small percentage of people.

We will be pre-screening your left ear to ensure you are a fit before shipping your kit. In the rare event we discover we cannot fit you, you will be immediately refunded. The team will do our best to ensure fit with this digital pre-screening.

We’re building the world’s smallest wearable device -- but not only that.

It is also the first device capable of tracking drops in blood flow to the head in people with orthostatic conditions like POTS, OH, Vasovagal Syncope and other forms of Dysautonomia, as well as other conditions associated with Orthostatic Intolerance.

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